Former Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona punched one of the reporters who crowded around him as he left a show he had gone to see with his younger son, Diego Fernando, in Buenos Aires, media reports said Sunday.

The incident occurred Saturday afternoon at the door of the El National theater, where Maradona had attended the children's show "Panam" to celebrate the Day of the Child with his son, along with the boy's mother, Veronica Ojeda.

"This is my gift for the Day of the Child: it's the first Day of the Child I'm going to spend with my son," Maradona, surrounded by reporters, said from inside his vehicle.

"What are you doing, idiot? Why are you bothering my wife...?" Maradona then asked one of the reporters present before getting out of his car and punching him in an incident that was caught on television cameras.

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