Two mountain climbers died Saturday after falling from an ascent known as La Araña in the central Spanish province of Avila, the regional emergency management service 112 said on its Web site.

The emergency management service and Civil Guard agents tried to rescue the two mountaineers in an operation that started around 1:20 p.m.

When the accident was reported to the emergency management coordinating center, a rescue team was ordered flown by helicopter to the area.

Once the scene of the accident was located, the helicopter landed to aid the descent of the rescue team before flying down to the heliport at Hoyos del Espino to pick up the Civil Guard's mountain unit and take it to where the accident occurred.

The rescue teams reported that the unfortunate mountain climbers were two unidentified men and that both had been killed.

A mobile intensive-care unit and an ambulance with basic life-support equipment had been mobilized at Hoyos del Espino by the local public health service in case of there had been a need for medical care. EFE