Speed skater Michel Mulder led the Dutch triple threat in the 500-meters race at the Olympic Games in Sochi, in which his compatriot Jan Smeekens took silver and his twin brother Ronald came away with the bronze.

One more example of the Dutch speed team's overwhelming domination at Sochi, where the orange have taken seven of the nine medals in play up to now, with another all-Dutch podium following the men's 5,000m and with Irene Wust taking gold in the women's 3,000m.

In the second and final heat of the 500m, Michel Mulder raced in with the total gold medal-winning time of 1 minute, 9.312 seconds in the two heats, just 12 thousandths of a second ahead of his compatriot Smeekens with a total time of 1 minute, 9.324 seconds, losing the 4 thousandths of a second lead he had over Mulder at the end of the first heat.

Completing this all-Dutch podium was Ronald Mulder, twin brother of Michel, who took the bronze medal with a time of 1 minute, 9.46 seconds, 15 thousandths of a second slower than his brother.

For his part, South Korean Tae Bum Mo, the champion four years ago at the 2010 Vancouver Games and current leader in the Speed Skating World Cup, had to settle for the always bitter fourth place.

The victory of Michel Mulder, reigning world champion at the distance, also allowed Holland to become the country with the most gold medals in speed skating in the history of the Winter Olympics with a total of 30, one more than the United States. EFE