A man was shot and wounded by police during a protest against the World Cup in Sao Paulo, a Brazilian police spokesman told Efe Sunday.

The incident occurred Saturday night when the unidentified man tried to attack an officer with a knife, the police spokesman said.

The man was taken to Santa Casa Hospital, but his condition is not known.

The shooting occurred on Cosolação street, located near Avenida Paulista, where about 2,500 people gathered to protest against the World Cup, police said.

The protest in Sao Paulo was peaceful for several hours, but it ended with clashes between demonstrators and police, and acts of vandalism targeting public buildings, businesses and banks.

A total of 128 people were arrested in connection with the demonstrations, police said in a Twitter posting on Saturday.

Media outlets reported that nearly all of the suspects have been released, but police did not confirm this when consulted by Efe.

Arrest figures are still being compiled, the Sao Paulo state Public Safety Secretariat said.

Protests were held in more than a dozen cities across Brazil on Saturday, with violence reported in only a few places, such as Sao Paulo.

The demonstrations' organizers said they wanted to protest the cost overruns on World Cup facilities, blaming the bloated budgets on corruption within the agencies tasked with building stadiums for the soccer championship. EFE