The New York Yankees came to terms with Puerto Rican outfielder Carlos Beltran and agreed to a three-season contract worth $45 million.

The Yankees landed the talented outfielder, who, according to media reports, was pondering an offer of three seasons and $48 million from the Kansas City Royals.

The New York team had to modify its initial offer of two seasons, extending it to three after the Yankees' Dominican second baseman Robinson Cano broke ranks and signed with the Seattle Mariners.

Beltran, 36, had been saying since 2005 that he wanted to play with the Yankees - he said it before he signed with the New York Mets and even before receiving a two-year contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Puerto Rican had a batting average of .296 while slamming 24 home runs in 145 games with St. Louis during the 2013 season. EFE