Construction work resumed Monday at this Brazilian metropolis's World Cup stadium, where an accident last week left two people dead.

After the three days of mourning decreed by lead contractor Odebrecht, 1,350 workers were back on the job Monday at Arena Corinthians, informally known as Itaquerao.

Nonetheless, in the area where the accident occurred, equivalent to about 30 percent of the east side of the stadium and 5 percent of the entire building site, construction remains at a standstill pending completion of the accident investigation.

Labor inspectors were evaluating the use of cranes and would not authorize their operation until further orders.

Before resuming construction, workers said a collective prayer and paid tribute to their two workmates killed in the disaster.

The accident occurred Wednesday afternoon when a crane collapsed while being used to raise a 420-ton metal roofing structure. The huge piece slammed into the facade of the stadium and then fell onto the cabin of a truck that was carrying one of the victims.

The accident occurred at lunchtime, which helped avoid a greater tragedy since most of the workers were not on the site at the time.

Odebrecht said the structure had not been damaged and that the works remain on schedule.

Prior to the accident, the construction giant said that Arena Corinthians, set to host the inaugural match of the 2014 World Cup next June, was on track for completion by the end of December, the deadline set by global soccer governing body FIFA. EFE