Barcelona and Chile star Alexis Sanchez has believes English players are not resilient enough because they have it "so easy" as youngsters.

England face Chile at Wembley on Friday night, with both teams having secured their places in next summer's World Cup finals in Brazil.

However, Barca attacker Sanchez feels it will be tough for a European team to win the tournament and does not believe England have a strong enough squad to be successful.

"I don't think England can win the World Cup," Sanchez told the Daily Express. "They have some very good players but are probably not at the level where they can beat the best.

"I do like Wayne Rooney. Of course, technically he is a very good player, but I also like his determination and resilience. I respect the way that he approaches the games.

"It will be very hard for any team outside of South America to win in Brazil, but if two teams have a chance, then it is Spain and Germany. Their teams are exceptional.

"We have to believe that Chile has a chance. It is not a home tournament but we must take advantage of it being in South America. We will not have to adjust to the conditions as much as other nations."

Sanchez also claims that Chile are a 'tougher team' than England and cited the conditions when growing up in the two countries as the reason behind his belief.

The 24-year-old added: "We are a tougher team than England. The problem for teams like England is that everything is so easy for them. They join these academies at maybe 10 or 11 years old and everything is done for them.

"They are so modern and the players are looked after, it is not just England but many European nations.

"I used to wash cars for such little money just so I had enough money to buy my football boots. When you are at academies like Manchester United and Arsenal, then everything is just given to you.

"With countries like England, if you don't make it as a professional football player then there are still many other opportunities, and you still have a chance to live a good life.

"My family was so poor that football for me was about survival. I told my mother from a young age, 'Don't worry, I will become a football player and get us out of this situation'.

"If I had failed, I would be working 15-hour days on construction sites and still not be earning enough to live. Football saved me, and I don't think any England players could say that.

"It is not the fault of England or other European teams they did not grow up in an environment like that, but having everything so easy made them soft."