The press and public should give Gareth Bale time to settle in with Real Madrid, Blancos superstar Cristiano Ronaldo said Tuesday, urging those unhappy with the team's performance to point the finger in other directions.

"I think he is doing well," the Portuguese international said of his teammate during a press conference looking forward to Real Madrid's Champions League clash with Juventus.

"He has had it a little rough since he arrived due to not having a preseason and because he has been injured," Ronaldo said. "If you speak with him you can see he is very excited to help the team, but it is better to leave him alone and not add pressure."

"He is a fantastic player, a great guy who wants to learn. People are putting a lot of pressure on him because of what he cost, but it's not good for him," Ronaldo said.

Real Madrid paid Tottenham Hotspur 91 million euros ($124.5 million) for the Welsh international, who has yet to play a full 90 minutes for the Spanish club.

Ronaldo discounted any possibility of a clash of egos on the club.

"What I most want is the play together with Bale because I see him as a great player, as happened with Di Maria, Jese, Morata or Benzema. I want to play with good players because that's the best way to win," Ronaldo said. EFE