Outfielder Shane Victorino blasted a seventh-inning grand slam homer to take the Boston Red Sox to a 5-2 win in the sixth game of the American League Championship Series, topping the Detroit Tigers four games to two and thereby advancing to the World Series.

The Sox will make the trip to the Series this year for the third time in the last 10 seasons and will go up against the St. Louis Cardinals, who won the National League pennant by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers four games to two in their league's playoff series.

The Series begins on Wednesday with the Sox, who swept the Cardinals four games to zip in 2004 thus securing their first World Series win in 86 years, hosting the Cards at Fenway Park.

The American League pennant won by the Boston squad is the 13th in its history and the first since 2007, when they went on to the Series - sweeping the Colorado Rockies - for the second time in four seasons.

This will be the first Fall Classic since 1999 between teams that ended their regular seasons with the best record in their respective leagues. EFE