The Spanish Tennis Federation has responded to media reports about possible doping by Spain's Nuria Llagostera by issuing a statement in which it said the national body "follows the instructions of the International (Tennis) Federation," which is responsible for handling doping cases.

The ITF has not released any statements about Llagostera, who media reports alleged tested positive for methamphetamine at the tournament in Stanford, California.

Llagostera had planned to return to action in Stanford after spending four months off the tour due to an injury.

The Spanish player was slated to play doubles with Francesca Schiavone, but the Italian sustained an injury and Llagostera was unable to compete.

"The ITF has no comment to make about Nuria Llagostera Vives. The only time that the ITF will make a comment on a doping case in the name of the Antidoping Program is when a player has been found guilty of committing a doping violation at the end of an investigation," the Spanish Tennis Federation said.

"The medical services of the RFET (Spanish Royal Tennis Federation), overseen by Dr. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, are also in agreement with the ITF's process for moving forward," the Spanish federation said.

"Regardless, the president of the Spanish Royal Tennis Federation, Jose Luis Escañuela, reiterated that the federation is against doping, with zero tolerance and no divisions," the federation said.

Efe contacted Llagostera for comment and she declined to discuss the matter, saying only her attorney was authorized to speak. EFE