A 38-year-old Mexican runner died from respiratory problems at a hospital after collapsing during the Mexico City marathon, the Federal District Health Secretariat said.

Jorge Saldaña Cerrillo died on Sunday from "respiratory arrest with probable myocardial infarction," the secretariat said in a statement.

Saldaña started feeling ill as he ran down Amsterdam street at Insurgentes avenue in the borough of Condesa, a middle-class area in the center of the Mexican capital.

Paramedics treated the runner at the scene and transported him to a hospital.

A runner was hospitalized with neurological problems, a runner from Cameroon was transported to a hospital with symptoms of appendicitis, a runner was hospitalized for dehydration and another runner was taken to a hospital with hypoglycemia, the secretariat said.

Paramedics treated 2,135 people for minor health problems and injuries during Sunday's race.

Peruvians Raul Pacheco Mendoza and Gladys Tejeda, who set a new women's record, won the Mexico City marathon.

The two Peruvians broke the winning streak of Kenyan runners, who had dominated the race in recent years.

Pacheco won with a time of 2:16:56 and Tejada posted a record time of 2:37:34. EFE