He delivered a stunning and awe-inspiring performance on his way to winning the 2013 Home Run Derby.

But it was what Yoenis Céspedes did when he wasn't at bat that stunned viewers.

To the chagrin of some ESPN viewers, Céspedes decided to speak in Spanish while he was being interviewed on national T.V.

ESPN Reporter Pedro Gomez spoke to a variety of players in between batters during the All-Star game event. But it was when he spoke with Céspedes and fellow Cuban player, Cincinnati Reds’ pitcher Aroldis Chapman, in Spanish that really got viewers talking.

Multiple times during the broadcast, Gomez asked the two players questions in English and then Spanish before translating the answers himself.

And while 27 percent of the league is Latino, according to numbers provided by MLB, many fans were stunned that athletes playing for U.S. teams had not mastered the English language.

Though it was not the first time that ESPN had interviewed players in their native tongue, on Monday Twitter lit up with viewers who blasted the semi-bilingual broadcast.

Cody Myer tweeted “I wanna watch the home run derby, not Spanish lessons.”

Gabe Lorack wrote: “I don't know how athletes from another country can't speak fluent English after all of their time around it. I mean dam***, this is America.”

This isn't the first time the Cuban-American reporter was criticized for speaking to players in Spanish during his on-camera interviews.

Gomez also came under fire in social media circles during last year's derby when he spoke with Robinson Cano and his Dominican father in Spanish.

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