Spain's Crown Prince Felipe, who is heading the Madrid 2020 delegation at the meeting here with members of the IOC, summed up the general feeling of the team by saying that he was "very happy with how everything is going," but adding that "one mustn't get overconfident."

"There's still a battle to be fought," he said after receiving in a room at a Lausanne hotel the many members of the International Olympic Committee, beginning with President Jacques Rogge, who came to hear about the Spanish plan to host the Games.

Expressing himself in similar terms was Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who emphasized that the team behind Madrid's candidacy is "very encouraged" after the meeting in Switzerland.

"I could not attend yesterday's presentation, but from what they told me it was fantastic and the prince made an important speech," Rajoy said.

"For Spain, to win these Games would be very positive and, since we would do them very well, Spain's image would come out greatly strengthened," he said.

Rajoy said that Tokyo and Istanbul also have made good presentations, "but I like ours best, and I hope that (the IOC members) also liked it more." EFE