Brazilian soccer star Neymar had a formidable game and his national team is now virtually classified for the semifinals of the Confederations Cup after defeating Mexico 2-0 win over Mexico.

The young striker played his best match with the national squad, scored his first goal, tapped a perfect assist to Jo to round out the scoring and contributed decisively to improving his team's image and performance.

Mexico lacked the fighting spirit of its first game against Italy.

Disorganized and well contained by the host team's competent midfield, it was unable to break through with a surprise counterattack, usually the Mexicans' best weapon.

In a match where Javier "Chicarito" Hernandez was scarcely seen, the Mexican team left a bitter taste and never gave the feeling it could even manage a tie.

With two wins, Brazil has six points and leads Group A while waiting for the Italy-Japan outcome, which could seal the host team's classification in the semifinals and the elimination of Mexico, unless the Japanese pull out a win against the Italians.

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