Barcelona, with its 4-1 drubbing of Malaga on the last day of La Liga, not only equaled the record of 100 points that Real Madrid set last season, it scored the highest number of goals in the club's history with 115.

In his first year heading Barca, Tito Vilanova equaled the scoring record achieved the year before by Real Madrid's Portuguese trainer, Jose Mourinho, though coming up six goals short of the 121 the Madrid squad scored then.

Even so, the 115 goals scored by Barca in La Liga make this the highest scoring year in the club's history, surpassing its 114 the year before. And it went not one game without chalking up a goal.

Vilanova's squad ends the competition with 32 wins, four ties and just two defeats, identical statistics to Madrid when it won the championship last season, though not as good as Madrid's point record at the time of 121 goals while allowing opponents 32, compared with the Barcelona's 115 goals this year against 40 by opposing squads.

In any case, Barca bids farewell to La Liga with the biggest point lead over the No. 2 team, a Madrid that ended 15 points behind the leader, while the previous season the difference between the Madrid squad and the Catalans was only 9 points.

In addition, Barcelona racked up another goal-scoring record this season - the best first round in the history of La Liga, with 55 out of 57 possibles, which it also reached against Malaga in January. EFE