A league built on tradition may break one of their biggest traditions by failing to announce next season’s national Football League schedule before the NFL Draft, which begins August 25th.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tweeted a Vine video of himself holding a piece of paper that read “The schedule has not been finalized and no release date has been determined.”

The league’s schedule was originally supposed to be unveiled Tuesday.

Follow up responses to Bleacher Report and the Baltimore Sun expressed that they’re hoping to get the schedule finalized in the next few weeks.

Teams are clamoring to get the new schedule, according to reports, and football executives are looking to finalize their own practice schedules.

One setback that may have added to this scheduling kerfuffle may be happening in Baltimore.

The defending champions usually host a rematch of their conference championship match-up to open the season.

This time, the Sunday game would fall on September 5th and be a special Thursday game on NBC.

But for the Ravens, their baseball buddy Baltimore Orioles also are scheduled to host the White Sox that evening and, for some reason, have been unable to move the game.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens will now open the season on the road and most likely in Pittsburgh.

As for any other scheduling conflicts or reasons for the delay, the league has not released any information at this time and there have been no other reports.

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