The Madrid 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee on Tuesday showed IOC representatives the strong public support for the city's bid, presented proof of its financial ability to host the Games and unveiled what it hopes will be its trump card: the Olympic Park.

On the second day of inspections by the International Olympic Committee's Evaluation Commission, the organizing committee sought to impress upon inspectors the popular, political and corporate support for the capital's bid.

It also sought to convince the panel members that, despite the current economic crisis, Spain will be able to complete the necessary Olympics-related infrastructure build-out thanks to investments made in previous years.

The commission members got a first-hand look at some of that infrastructure during a visit to the Olympic Park, where the track-and-field stadium - La Peineta, under renovation to serve as the new home of the Atletico Madrid soccer club - would be located.

Opposite the stadium is the site of the aquatics center, which is in the construction phase. The gymnastics pavilion, velodrome and BMX racing track are to be built in the same area only if Madrid is selected to host the 2020 Games.

The IOC representatives later visited the IFEMA fairgrounds, where the combat sports and other indoor competitions would be held.

Industry, Energy and Tourism Minister Jose Manuel Soria, meanwhile, told the IOC inspectors that the recession-battered Spanish economy is showing "positive signs" and expressed confidence that it would provide a lift to a potential 2020 Madrid Games.

"There are favorable signs indicating that, despite significant imbalances, for example in terms of unemployment, there are more and more multinational companies choosing to invest once again in our country," Soria said.

Education, Culture and Sports Minister Jose Ignacio Wert, for his part, cited polls showing that 81 percent of Spaniards support Madrid's bid for the 2020 Games. EFE