Argentine soccer legend Diego Armando Maradona said Tuesday that he came to Italy to resolve Italian authorities' claim for more than 30 million euros (around $50 million) in unpaid taxes dating from his 1984-1991 tenure with Napoli.

The man who led Argentina to a World Cup title in 1986 told a packed conference in Naples that he wants to be able to bring his grandson to watch a Napoli match.

"I want him to see what grandpa did and not to be remembered as an evader, which I'm not. I want to believe that justice exists. I want justice so I can walk freely in Italy and Naples," Maradona said.

He blamed any problem with his taxes on the then-directors of Napoli, which won its only two Italian championships with Maradona in the lineup.

"Why do I have to pay and not them?" he said.

His attorney, Angelo Pisani, reiterated that the former player "never received any notification about the money he had to pay."

Maradona, who arrived in Italy on Monday from Dubai, told reporters that he made the trip only to say that he is innocent.

Although he acknowledged that his dream would be to sit on the Napoli bench once again, he added that now "coach Walter Mazzarri, who's doing a great job, has to be left in peace."

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