Toluca's Luis Carlos Tejada was fined $10,206 for making obscene gestures while celebrating a goal scored by his team during the seventh week of play in the Clausura 2013 tournament, the Mexican Soccer League's disciplinary committee said.

"While celebrating a goal scored by Carlos Gerardo Rodriguez, Tejada moved toward the stands and, in a gesture of celebration, grabbed his genitals with repetitive motions, screaming different things," the committee said in its report on the incident.

The Pumas' Efrain Velarde, who scored the game-winning goal, was also fined because "he celebrated the goal he scored, heading toward the stands and grabbing his genitals with repetitive motions," the disciplinary committee said.

The players' actions "do not reflect the deserved satisfaction of scoring a goal and violate the standards of respect that must be maintained, especially for Mexican children and families," the disciplinary committee said.

Tejada and Velarde were fined 2,000 days of the minimum salary in Mexico, or a total of 129,520 pesos ($10,206) each. EFE