Soccer icon David Beckham will receive a gross salary of 31,000 euros ($41,447) per month until the end of the season with Paris Saint Germain, which will also pay him 30,000 euros ($40,110) a month to cover his hotel lodging and 20,000 euros ($26,740) for his personal protection, the daily Le Parisien reported Sunday.

Those payments are in addition to the donation of a so far unknown amount to charitable causes helping disadvantaged children that was announced when PSG and Beckham finalized their contract on Jan. 31, and those funds will not pass through the British star's account, the newspaper said.

Le Parisien reported that the contract, in which the cash payments far exceed the 31,000-euro monthly salary, does not include any premium for Beckham's individual performance on the pitch such as goals, key passes or number of games played.

With these conditions agreed to by PSG to secure Beckham's signing for the February to May-June period and the maintenance of his home in London, the footballer will avoid becoming a fiscal resident of France, a status that would have obligated him to pay taxes here on his total worldwide income, which in 2012 was said to have been some 30 million euros (more than $40 million).

Another paradox of Beckham's agreement with PSG is that, formally speaking, his salary will be below the average 45,000 euros ($60,165) earned by players in the French league.

It is expected that Beckham, who is presently spending a few days in the United States, will travel with the team to Valencia, Spain, next Tuesday for PSG's UEFA Champions League Round of 16 match with the local Spanish squad, although he will not play, as per a coaching decision.

Beckham's first training session with PSG is scheduled for Wednesday but it will be up to coach Carlo Ancelotti when to first send the Briton onto the pitch. EFE