German center-fielder Sami Khedira engaged in some self-criticism for the bad run Real Madrid has had and emphasized the team's improvement after speaking with everyone in the locker room, admitting that some of the errors occurred due to the team's play on defense and confirming that they could not continue to "allow goals so easily."

"When lots of games have been lost you have to change a lot of things," Khedira said. "We had to play tighter, above all on the defensive line. It couldn't be that we'd allow goals so easily. It's been seen that we've improved on defense and in Valencia our punch was magnificent."

Khedira is playing his best ever on Real Madrid, and he said a large part of that was due to the confidence Jose Mourinho has in him.

"I feel very good. It's very important to have the respect of the coach. I note that I'm in perfect form and the team is getting very good again," he said.

Regarding the turnaround, Khedira spoke about the important talks among the players.

"We had a difficult situation, (we weren't) getting good results. It's logical that we'd talk about it. We've seen that things were going bad and we worked hard during these last few weeks. We're on a good road. Not only have the results changed but (our) game has improved," Khedira said.

He said he did not want to give excuses for the team's bad performance, such as blaming the refereeing, like teammate Angel Di Maria has done.

Khedira said "everyone makes mistakes," and in Spain "there are good referees ... (and) there are no differences with Germany." EFE