Defending Premier League champion Manchester City would be willing to sell forward Mario Balotelli for 30 million euros ($40 million) and sees AC Milan as a possible buyer, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported.

That amount would be roughly equal to the transfer fee City paid Inter Milan in 2010 to acquire the talented but temperamental player.

Though AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi has labeled Balotelli a "rotten apple," people in the City organization have the "sense" that the mogul's views are not shared by the Italian club's coach, Massimiliano Allegri, The Guardian said.

The Premier League transfer window closes on Jan. 31.

City manager Roberto Mancini continues to support Balotelli in public, even though the two men got into a physical altercation during practice last week.

The doings of the 22-year-old Balotelli, who has been fined by the club several times for misbehavior both on and off the field, are a staple in British media.

Balotelli's exploits include visits to topless bars before league matches and setting his own house ablaze with fireworks. EFE