Vicente del Bosque, the coach who has led the Spanish national soccer team to a World Cup and two European Championships, received the award for professionalism from the Professional Organization of Conventions, or OPC, in Madrid.

The president of the OPC's Business Association, Matilde Almandoz, presented the award to Del Bosque "for his method of doing, his career and because he is a professional reference point."

The coach was accompanied by his assistant, Toni Grande, and the squad's physical trainer, Javier Miñano.

"We wanted to recover the essence of the professional term and that's why for the past two years we've presented this trophy, which last year was received by the Association of Production Companies and Theaters of Madrid, recovering for this term everything that entails rigor, seriousness and competitiveness," Almandoz said.

Del Bosque, in addition to expressing his gratitude over receiving the recognition, emphasized the qualities that, in his judgment, a professional worker must have: "He must be a hard-working man, honorable, faithful to his company and effective, which is perhaps the most difficult thing to get."

"These awards give us more responsibility with an eye toward the challenges that await us in the future. We're going through an epoch of triumphs and we will see what happens in the future," he said. EFE