Real Madrid upset Atletico de Madrid 2-0 in Liga Derbi soccer at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium here Saturday night.

Jose Mourinho's squad - the defending Liga champs but which has had a poor start in the Liga competition this year - stepped up in a passionately-played contest with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring against Atletico on a dynamic free kick just 16 minutes into the match. Mesut Ozil tacked on an insurance goal in the second period after a great pass from Ronaldo.

Both sides desperately wanted the win, however, and the entire match was sprinkled with assorted altercations between players.

Atletico's manager Diego "Cholo" Simeone has done a good job with the team so far this year, although with the Saturday loss he now finds his cross-town rivals just five points behind him, while his squad is six points behind the Liga leader, Barcelona, who is unbeaten so far. EFE