Greg Gillin, one of the specialists in charge of maintaining order at London's Wembley Stadium, said security at Mexican soccer stadiums can be improved even though alcohol consumption during matches was low.

Gillin and Patrick Carr, another security specialist with the English Premier League, visited several stadiums in Mexico and observed a couple of matches during the semifinals of the Apertura 2012 tournament to learn more about stadium security.

Alcohol sales, which are prohibited at English soccer matches, stood out, but few fans seemed to be drinking excessively and, unlike in the United Kingdom, it is possible in Mexico to enjoy a soccer match in a family atmosphere, Gillin said in a press conference on Monday.

"The level of disorder is low and there are fans of different teams sitting together in the stands, something that is unthinkable in the United Kingdom," Gillin said.

Mexico, however, fails to comply with many international standards and should work to improve in some areas, such as the excessive capacity of some stadiums, the size of emergency exits, ensuring that emergency exits are not blocked by cleaning equipment and other items, and regulating the scalping of tickets, Gillin said. EFE