FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi said he is not concerned about negotiating an extension of his current contract, which expires on June 30, 2016, reiterating his desire to play his entire career with the Spanish club.

"As far as I know, there's still nothing. But my contract doesn't worry me at all. I know what I want so there's no problem," the 25-year-old Argentine superstar told a Portuguese reporter who inquired about his contract situation.

Asked which Portuguese club he would choose to play for if he leaves Barcelona one day, Messi said he's never given that any consideration "because I've always thought I'd stay here. I hope I never have to go to Portugal or anywhere else."

Messi, a three-time FIFA player of the year, attended an event Thursday organized by his foundation and the EA Sports video game brand, which the striker endorses.

EA Sports' FIFA 13 game, which features Messi on the cover, has sold 7.4 million copies since its release in September.

On Thursday, EA Sports presented Messi with a $250,000 check to finance various projects being carried out by his foundation. EFE