Retired soccer striker Alex Alves do Nascimento, a member of the Palmeiras squad that won the Brazilian league title in 1994, died Wednesday of complications after a bone-marrow transplant, doctors said. He was 37.

Alves passed away at Amaral de Carvalho Foundation Hospital in Jau, a city in Sao Paulo state.

The former player was admitted in September with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a rare disease of the bone marrow, the hospital said in a statement.

He underwent a successful bone-marrow transplant on Oct. 5, but recently began to experience symptoms of rejection and finally succumbed to multiple organ failure.

Turning pro in 1992, Alves played for Palmeiras, Juventude and Portuguesa before landing with Cruzeiro, where he scored 27 goals in 41 matches and helped lead the club to victory in the Copa Libertadores.

He went from Cruzeiro to Germany's Hertha Berlin.

Alves scored 25 goals in 81 matches during his four seasons with the German club. EFE