Argentina and Brazil were left frustrated as a power failure at the Estadio Centenario meant their international had to be called off Wednesday.

The match in the Argentinian city of Resistencia was due to be played in front of a crowd of 25,000, however half of the floodlights did not function and Chilean referee Enrique Osses decided it could not go ahead.

Officials will hope to reschedule the second leg of the Superclasico de las Americas. Brazil won 2-1 in the first leg two weeks ago.

Referee Osses told America TV: "We were unable to see properly. I wanted to ask the goalkeepers, because they are the most affected players, and they told me they could not see well.

"Nobody guaranteed the lights were going to be back quickly so we decided the match could not be played under these conditions.

"This is the first time something like this has happened to me."

The match was due to feature only players who play club football in either Argentina or Brazil.

Brazil coach Mano Menezes was left frustrated, and said: "Big teams like Argentina and Brazil should not go through this type of problem.

"We have prepared a lot for this match. We obviously wanted to play. We always want to play.

"Now we have to call up the players again for this match in the future."

The Argentinian Football Association's secretary of national teams, German Lerche, told Channel 7: "The time we waited was enough, but the problem was finally not sorted out.

"It is an electrical failure that is beyond the will of both national associations.

"We cannot play tomorrow (Thursday) because the Argentinian and Brazilian local leagues must be played this weekend and we have to send the players back to their respective teams."