Dominican baseball player Melky Cabrera has been disqualified from the National League batting title at his own request.

According to a source involved with the discussions to The Associate Press, an agreement to make Cabrera ineligible was made Friday. Cabrera initially asked the players’ association to express his desire to the commissioner’s office. The San Francisco Giants slugger will serve a 50-game suspension. No official announcement has been made yet.

Back on August 15th, Cabrera was suspended for testing positive for testosterone. He entered Friday with a league-leading .346 average, seven points ahead of Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen, and will miss the final 45 games of the regular season. Cabrera also has 501 plate appearances, one fewer than the required amount if the Giants play 162 games. While Cabrera could qualify for the battling title if the Giants had a rainout and played only 161, the situation is unlikely this late in the season.

Cabrera has yet to release a statement. The disqualification was first reported by

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