U.S. swimmer Diana Nyad is keeping alive her dream to swim across the Florida Strait 42 hours into her journey and after making it through a storm that caused the 62-year-old to go off course for several hours.

"This AM, weather is clear w/ light winds out of SE. Seas calm & Diana swimming strong," the swimmer's team said in message posted Monday morning on Nyad's Twitter account.

A post hours earlier said: "Diana was blown off course by a sudden squall. She's now back on course."

The bad weather also damaged the GPS navigation system of the group accompanying her and comprised of some 50 technicians and experts on board five boats.

The swimmer set out last Saturday from Hemingway marina in Havana on her fourth attempt to swim across the Florida Strait.

On this occasion, her team provided her with an extra swimsuit on several stretches of the journey to protect her from the stings of jellyfish, that being the reason she was unable to complete her third attempt in September 2011.

A month before that, she had tried for the second time to make the crossing but had to abort the effort due to an asthma attack.

Nyad made her first attempt back in 1978, but had to abandon the effort due to bad weather after 42 hours.

The veteran swimmer wants to break the open-water swimming record without a shark cage.

Nyad, who 23 hours into her journey was swimming at about 50 strokes per minute, according to what her team said Sunday on Twitter, suffered four jellyfish stings on Saturday night.

Her team is using an apparatus that emits electromagnetic waves to frighten away sharks.

The swimmer, who periodically ingests liquids through a tube and eats peanut butter due to its high caloric value, sings to herself to make the challenge she has set for herself lighter.

Her goal is to swim the Strait in 60 hours so that she can celebrate her 63rd birthday on Wednesday in Key West.

Nyad already holds the world record for longest ocean swim, a journey of 165 kilometers (102.5) miles from Bimini in the Bahamas to Jupiter, Florida. EFE