San Francisco Giant's All-Star outfielder Melky Cabrera could now be in hot water after the New York Daily News reported in its Sunday edition that Cabrera's camp created a bogus website to fight off the 50-game suspension that was handed to him by Major League Baseball on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper report, Cabrera and his camp hurriedly tried to explain why his testosterone level went up. The All-Star's associate, Juan Nuñez, termed in the paper by Cabrera's agents Seth and Sam Levinson as a “paid consultant”, allegedly spent $10,000 to set up of the outrageous site.

The Levinsons sent an email to the tabloid in which they claimed that Nuñez is not an “employee” of the agency that represents some of the games biggest stars.

Nuñez told the Daily News yesterday that he indeed was at fault for the failed plan and that the agents had nothing to do with the website.

The plan was to set up a path of “digital breadcrumbs” that would claim that Cabrera ordered the supplement that led him to fail the drug test. In doing so, Cabrera would have used a clause that is part the drug program in the collective bargaining agreement that exists between MLB and the player's union to show that while he did take the substance, he did it unknowingly.

According to an anonymous source, the Daily News also reported that special agent Jeff Novitzky with the Food and Drug Administration and other special investigators have been already studying the absurd plan that was foiled last month.

Novitzky is the same agent that spearheaded the BALCO case and led to the indictment of baseball's all-time home run leader Barry Bonds.

Cabrera, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, will miss 45 games and the suspension could extend itself onto the postseason if the Giants make it to the playoffs. The MVP of this season's All-Star game in Kansas City is leading the National League with 159 hits and is second for the league batting title crown behind Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen.

Adry Torres, who has covered MLB, NFL, NBA and NCAA basketball games and related events, is a regular contributor to Fox News Latino. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter: @adrytorresnyc


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