Cuban light welterweight Roniel Iglesias won the gold medal at the Summer Olympics, defeating Ukrainian Denys Berinchik 22-15.

Saturday's fight was a rematch of the past World Championship, which the Ukrainian won.

Iglesias managed to hold off Berinchik's attack and then go toe to toe with him, outscoring him.

The Cuban was up 5-4 at the end of the first round, forcing Berinchik to go on the attack once again.

"Now I feel like at complete man, I trained hard and I deserve my Olympic title. I was in better shape in the third round and that's how I managed to win it," Iglesias said.

The gold medal in the light welterweight division was the first Olympic title for Cuba since the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Iglesias's title was the only one for a Latin American in the finals held on Saturday.

Brazil's Esquiva Falcao had to settle for a silver medal in the middleweight division after being out-pointed 14-13 by Japan's Ryota Murata. EFE