Argentina's Lucas Calabrese and Juan de la Fuente picked up the bronze medal here Friday in the men's two-hander 470 sailing class at the London Olympics.

Australia won the gold and Britain took silver.

The final was postponed one day due to lack of wind on Thursday.

Australia, Britain and Argentina led the rankings after the 10 qualifying races and Croatia's 1st-place finish on Friday wasn't enough to overtake the top three.

Calabrese was taking part in his first Olympics, while De la Fuente and then-partner Javier Conte won a bronze in the same event at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

"This time I knew from the beginning that we would pull out a medal. With Lucas' talent and if we refined some things we needed to refine, we would take a medal. This is more expected than the other," De la Fuente said, referring to his earlier Olympic success.

"I knew that Lucas is a super-talented guy and that he could do great things," De la Fuente said of his teammate. "He's the most talented helmsman we have and he has learned a lot in the last three years, as well as being a cool-headed guy mentally, very strong physically and a very serious worker." EFE