If sweet defeats exist in Olympic final matches, surely the 8-5 loss suffered by Spain at the hands of the United States in women's water polo would set the paradigm because the team coached by Miki Oca made its Games debut in style, had a chance at the gold medal and showed that anything is possible when one has a plan.

Spain did not lose because the responsibility weighed too heavily or because it didn't believe in its chances, but rather due to the quality of its rival.

Despite the defeat, the silver the Spanish women are taking home is the triumph of the method, of believing in one's own chances and increasing one's innate qualities, but also discarding one's prejudices and overturning the predictions.

Oca says that that he is not the one who is responsible for the winning attitude that has been installed within the team, but rather their coach is the mirror in which they see themselves. But, even so, he is a man they venerate, an Olympic champion himself, a coach who took them to the summit.

And the journey hasn't been all that long either. Oca insists that his players only have to do what they know how to do well and minimize their shortcomings, although on some occasions, like today, when one measures oneself against a two-time Olympic silver medal team, things don't come out as hoped for.

Despite the defeat, this team has put Spain on the map of women's international water polo, a statement of intention for what can be expected in the future for a team whose median age is just 23. EFE