The Spanish women's water polo team, making its debut in Olympic competition, surprised observers and supporters alike by moving into the final at the 2012 Games in London after defeating Hungary by a score of 10-9.

The team has overturned the principles of experience and knowledge by making it into the final round. With a very young team, Spain set up its chance to take home the top medal by winning all the undrawn matches it has played so far, giving up only one draw to the United States, the team they must face in the gold medal match.

Spain's triumph to date has come as a result of very good execution and taking maximum advantage of the team's abilities. In addition, the brilliant work of 19-year-old Anni Espar, who scored four goals in Tuesday's match, has been a major contribution.

There had been some doubt before the match with Hungary as to whether the "warriors," as they like to call themselves, would be weighed down by the responsibility of playing in an Olympic semifinal contest, but just a couple of minutes into play those concerns vanished. EFE