Dominican gymnast Yamilet Peña ended up in sixth place in the women's horse vault final at the London Olympic Games.

The 19-year-old Peña had already been a finalist in this event at the World Championships and on Sunday she improved her eighth place finish there by two notches and could have gone higher if she had not committed an error on her first vault.

Taking home the gold medal was Romania's Sandra Izbasa with 15,191 points, followed by Mc Kayla Maroney of the United States with 15,083 and Russia's Maria Paseka with 15,050.

Peña stopped halfway through her run on her first attempt and, when she repeated the run and was able to execute the vault, she landed sitting down. Despite the fact that the vault had the greatest difficulty rating of all those undertaken in the competition, the penalty she received knocked her overall score down to 14,566.

She executed her second vault more cleanly, thanks to its lower difficulty level, but her score of 14,466 on it gave her an averaged score of 14,516, substantially below what she needed to secure a medal.

Peña is the first Dominican female gymnast ever to qualify for the Olympics. EFE