Colombian cyclist Juliana Gaviria, who on Sunday failed to win the repechage, and thus was unable to advance to the final round, said that she is leaving the Olympic Games "happy, with a great impression of London."

"I was unable to qualify, but I feel very happy with the result I obtained here in London," Gaviria told Efe after the race.

Gaviria participated in two other events at the London Games, keirin, in which she finished in 17th position and the team sprint along with her compatriot Diana Garcia, in which the pair came in 10th.

"These are my first Games. I think I've improved a lot in the three months that have gone by since the world event," said Gaviria, who earlier this year in Australia came in 24th in the individual sprint.

"I was very close in the first series. ... I gave it all I had, but I lacked a little bit," she said.

"Everything has been excellent, the weather, the public. The (Olympic Village) is spectacular. The food, you can eat what you want. You go into the restaurant and you get full just by using your eyes," the cyclist said.

With her focus now on the future, Gaviria says that she will continue "preparing for the world" competition and the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

A repechage is a last-chance qualifying heat in which the runners-up in earlier heats race each other, with the winner advancing to the finals. EFE