The Spanish basketball team won its second game at the London Olympics beating Australia 82-70 with an attack led by Pau Gasol and Rudy Fernandez.

The squads both demonstrated the respect they held for each by mounting strong defenses and the Spanish team, lacking its captain - Juan Carlos Navarro - due to an injury, tried to overcome the Australians with multiple passes.

In the last seconds of the second quarter, Fernandez, who plays professionally for the NBA Denver Nuggets, gave onlookers - not to mention his teammates - a scare when he was hit in the head with the lens of a photographer's camera at courtside. However, he proved not to have been injured.

Los Angeles Lakers star Pau Gasol was a nightmare for the Australian defense and the spearpoint of a precise, orderly, incisive and lethal attack.

Spain was a little bit disrupted during the match, using many of its second-line players, but Fernandez hit two consecutive three-point shots, bringing their lead to 24 points with about two minutes to go in the third quarter.

From that point on, with the game fully under control and victory virtually assured, the Spanish team decided not to expend more energy than necessary and give a rest to the players who had been out on the court the longest.

Spain won the silver medal in basketball at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and is seen as a credible threat to the U.S. squad at the London games. EFE