Puerto Rico's Jantony Ortiz gave a lesson in good boxing to Tetteh Sulemanu of Ghana, defeating him 20-6 in the light flyweight class and qualifying for the next round at the London Olympic Games.

Ortiz used his jab very well right from the start, he moved well and overcame the African with the speed of his hands and legs.

Without giving his opponent any break and with lively punches using both hands, Ortiz won the second round 6-2 and, instead of refusing to take any risks, he went all out in the third round to dominate his rival 20-6 and move to the round of 16.

Jantony said that his wins are the result of his attitude and his custom of smiling at the first opportunity.

"I'm a defender of happiness. My smile distinguishes me and they will always see that in me," said the 18-year-old fighter, who won the bronze medal at last year's Pan American Games.

Latin America secured another victory in the light flyweight class when Ecuador's Carlos Quipo beat Spain's Kelvin de la Nieve 14-11 in an attractive match in which the Spaniard took the offensive, but he became disconcerted upon seeing that he was three points down when he had thought he was tied.

In the next round, Quipo will face off against Thailand's Kaeo Pongprayoon, who beat Algeria's Mohammed Flissi 19-11. EFE