Brazil's Felipe Kitadai broke the bronze medal he won in men's 60kg judo when he got in the shower wearing it and his teammates joked that he wore it everywhere he went.

Members of the Brazilian delegation told Efe that Kitadai, who dropped the medal as he was trying to keep it from getting wet in the shower, has asked the Brazilian Olympic Committee to try and get him a new medal from the International Olympic Committee, which, however, is under no obligation to give him one.

The Brazilian, who in a surprising performance won Brazil's first medal of the 2012 London Olympic Games on Saturday, dropped the medal in the shower, breaking the part that hangs from the ribbon around his neck so he can no longer wear it.

Kitadai won the bronze on his birthday after beating the Italian Elio Verde and as a result mounted the medalists' platform the first time he has competed in the Olympics.

"I'm very happy about my medal. I would have liked gold but this makes me feel really good. It's the best present I could get on my birthday," said the Brazilian, who now hopes the IOC will give him another birthday present.

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