The Spanish basketball team made its debut at the London Olympics on Sunday with a 97-81 win over China.

The teams got off to a slow start, with the game scoreless after the first 90 seconds.

Spanish coach Sergio Scariolo's squad, however, eventually got on track, thanks to point guard Jose Calderon, who put up 11 points in the first quarter and nailed some three-pointers.

China dropped into a zone defense later in the game, opening things up for Rudy Fernandez, Calderon, Navarro, San Emeterio and Sada to score.

Scariolo substituted throughout the game to deal with injuries and lack of conditioning.

Pau Gasol finished with 21 points, while Calderon scored 12, Navarro had 14 points, Ibaka scored 17 points and Sada had 7 points.

China's scoring was led by Jianlian Yi, who put up 30 points. EFE