Mexican swimmer Susana Escobar, who was eliminated Sunday in the women's 400-meter freestyle at the London Olympic Games, said she was unhappy that she failed to improve her time in the event since she holds her country's record.

Escobar qualified for the 28th spot and will not be in medal contention on Sunday afternoon.

The swimmer said she had expected to do better in London.

"I am definitely not satisfied because I was expecting to break my personal results, which are the Mexican records," Escobar said.

"They are low, definitely different from the ones from four years ago, which were higher," Escobar said.

"It's all about seeing if I made many mistakes over the past few months, but I have no regrets about them because, thanks to them, I know what I have to do in the future," the swimmer said.

"The high ones don't last forever, and the low ones either. Nothing lasts forever, so I have to bounce back and know what I have to do more intelligently," Escobar said. EFE