Puerto Rican hurdler Javier Culson, last year's world No. 2 and unbeaten this year in the 400 meters, says that while he chief rival David Greene of Britain, he is focusing on his own performance as he vies for Olympic gold at the 2012 Games here in London.

"He is last year's world champion and he is very strong," Culson said of Greene. "I'm just thinking about my own race. That's the important thing. My own race."

As he prepares for his first race on Aug. 3, Culson said that besides training, he spends time listening to music and watching tape of his 2012 victories.

I'm feeling very healthy and ready, physically and mentally.

- Puerto Rican hurdler Javier Culson

"I'm feeling very healthy and ready, physically and mentally," he said in a mixture of English and Spanish.

Culson has beaten Greene three times this year and has an 8-7 advantage over the Welshman going back to their first head-to-head competition in 2009.

"I feel a little bit of pressure because right now I'm the first in the world, I have the best time and my country is watching me. But it's going to be OK," said Culson, who hopes to win Puerto Rico's first-ever Olympic gold. 

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