Brazilian soccer player Arjuna Luiz Venutto Ramos, 17, nicknamed "Pele" for his skill, died on the weekend during a match his team, Sao Bernardo FC, was playing, the local press reported.

Sao Bernardo was playing Saturday at home against Portuguesa Santista for the Sao Paulo under-17 championship and during the first period Ramos fell to the ground with convulsions out on the pitch.

The player was attended to on the field and transported to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, but he died before being admitted from cardiac arrest.

"All the examinations of the player were up to date and there had been no ... health problems," said the head of the club's medical department, Rui de Oliveira.

In a statement posted on its Internet site, the club said it "deeply" regretted the player's death and offered his family "all (our) attention and support."

"It was bad luck," said Rui de Oliveira, as quoted in the online statement. EFE