Portuguese great Eusebio's condition is improving following a heart attack scare, a Polish hospital official said Tuesday.

The 70-year-old Eusebio asked for bananas and orange juice for breakfast - a sign that he's getting back his appetite and strength, said Stanislaw Rusek, spokesman for the hospital in Poznan, in western Poland.

Eusebio was to do some light exercise later in the day with a specialist after being bedridden over the past few days, Rusek said.

''Cardiologically, he is in good condition, but the general state of his health is not good, and you should add to that the constant stress and travels,'' Rusek said.

He said that Eusebio was hospitalized late Saturday in a ''serious condition,'' but tests excluded a heart attack. Instead, he was merely experiencing complications from general poor health, part of it due to having had a long career as a footballer.

''He badly needed to rest and that is what the hospital has offered,'' Rusek said. ''We can see a steady improvement in his condition but that does not mean that he will be able to get up from bed and play football.''

Doctors have advised a slow pace of living and no stress ''but is that at all possible?'' Rusek said.

Eusebio will be discharged Thursday and taken by a Polish medical plane to Portugal.

This is the fourth time since December that Eusebio has been admitted to hospital.