The bodies of a Spanish climber and his Peruvian guide who disappeared over the weekend on Peru's Ausangate mountain were found buried in an avalanche, rescue team chief Marco Perez told Efe.

The body of 41-year-old Spaniard Miguel Lopez de Sabando and the guide were found Tuesday "at the foot of the wall of snow," Perez said by telephone near the 6,372-meter-high (20,890-foot-high) mountain, located in Quispicanchi province, part of the southern Andean region of Cuzco.

The bodies were found beneath the snow at an altitude of about 5,600 meters (18,360 feet), Perez, president of the Cuzco-based National Association of Professional High Mountain Guides, said.

It took a team of 14 people, including a member of a high mountain police unit, two professional guides and local residents, about seven hours to locate the bodies.

The Spaniard's wife, 36-year-old Ana Maria Lopez, was able to guide the rescuers to the exact spot because she was with her husband when the avalanche occurred on Sunday.

The rescue team trekked for six hours Tuesday from Chillka, a community in the foothills of Ausangate, to the site of the slide.

Last week, Perez helped recover the bodies of 14 occupants of a helicopter - mostly South Korean tourists - that had crashed into the side of Peru's Mama Rosa mountain, also located in Quispicanchi.