Bullfighter Juan José Padilla said Wednesday that he is "at the doors of hope" regarding recovering the vision in his left eye, which was damaged by the goring he suffered last year in a bullfight at the Feria del Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain.

Upon leaving the Fernández-Vega Ophthalmological Institute in Oviedo, he said that he is "perfect" and that the results of the examination doctors made of his eye on Wednesday were "very favorable."

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Padilla commented that "the science is very advanced and the work of the Fernández-Vega doctors is impressive."

He said that he has to wait while he gradually recovers after the surgery he underwent to restore the facial nerve, and when his abilities improve the possibility of raising his eyelid can be assessed, an operation that could be performed in a year.

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In addition, two U.S. specialists in ocular plastic surgery also examined him to evaluate the surgery while he was visiting the institute.

The two experts are Cesar Sierra, a professor at the Medical School at Yale, and Frank Nesi, the head of the oculoplasty service at the William Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital in Michigan.

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