David Beckham admits that the commercial for his H&M underwear line, that aired during the Super Bowl, was "embarrassing" to watch in a room full of people.

"I'm very shy. When we were watching the Super Bowl yesterday in a room of about 20 people and it came on, I actually didn't know where to look," Beckham told Ryan Seacrest of his David Beckham Bodywear spot, which showed the soccer star in his skivvies, the camera lingering over his many tattoos as well as his posterior.

"It was kind of embarrassing," Beckham added.

The soccer star, who has four children with wife Victoria Beckham, says his kids didn't exactly know what to make of the racy ad either.

"The kids loved it," said Beckham. "But they were also embarrassed as well because there was other people in the room."

In the end, Beckham concluded that the commercial was easier to shoot than to watch in public.

"Shooting it, there wasn't too many people in the room so it was pretty easy," he explained.