Bayern Munich defender Breno will not join his team-mates for their winter break camp in Qatar after being refused permission to leave Germany.

Bayern is due to spend a week in the Gulf country early next month, but Breno, who is currently on bail during an investigation into a fire which destroyed his home in September, has been told he must remain in the country.

"He cannot leave the country to go to a training camp," said Thomas Steinkraus-Koch of the Bavarian State Prosecution in Munich, according to Kicker magazine.

"The defence has the possibility to appeal this decision."

The 22-year-old spent almost a fortnight in custody following the fire and he is still "strongly suspected" of arson, according to Steinkraus-Koch, who said there is a high likelihood of Breno trying to flee should he be allowed to leave the country.

The Brazilian will therefore have to train alone in Munich while his team-mates warm up for the final four months of the season in Qatar from January 2-9.