Sunderland's American owner Ellis Short has taken over as chairman of the Premier League club from Niall Quinn.

uinn, a former striker for the club, will ''relinquish his day-to-day chairman's duties'' to take on a job spearheading international development, Sunderland said Monday.

''With (UEFA) financial fair play rules coming into effect it is essential for the long-term success of the club that we develop interests on a global scale and there's no one better than Niall to sell the ethos of Sunderland to an international audience,'' Short said on the club website. ''He has been keen to drive this change for some time and I agree that it's the way forward for us now.''

Under financial fair play regulations that come into full effect for the 2013-14 season, clubs face being barred from the Champions League and Europa League if they cannot break even on football-related business. Sunderland is not playing in Europe this season.

uinn is due to travel to South Korea later this week with manager Steve Bruce during the international break, while trips are also planned to Vietnam, India, Abu Dhabi and Africa.

Former British foreign secretary David Miliband joined the Sunderland board earlier this year, also to help the club expand globally.

''SAFC board changes will put Niall Quinn's football brain to full/best use-his partnership w/Ellis Short bolted in place,'' Miliband wrote on Twitter on Monday.

The Texas-based Short assumed full control of Sunderland in 2009 after buying a stake the previous year.